Could Be a Crowd [Ebook]

Author(s): C.J. Munoz  

Categories: Bisexual   Contemporary   Gay   Intertwined   Poly  

9781620046302  ♦   $4.99  ♦   40,000 words  ♦   5 reward points

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Nicolas has worked with Pierce almost his whole life, and they've come far together, currently Co-CEOs of one of the largest companies in the United States. As they keep on heading toward bigger and better dreams, only one fear casts a shadow over Nicolas: Pierce falling in love.

Nicolas tells himself it's for the company, for their shared goals and dreams. He can't let Pierce get sidetracked, so he does his best to make sure it never happens—including keeping all the cute interns well away. Then Lynn shows up, attractive, eager, practically perfect.

But it's not Pierce that Nicolas should be worrying about this time.
Content notes (possible spoilers). Click here to toggle view.
Could Be a Crowd contains explicit content and features a poly (M/M/M) relationship.

Excerpt: Could Be a Crowd  Author: C.J. Munoz  Artist: Aisha Akeju  Buy the paperback!

This book was released on Wednesday 11 November, 2015.