Orbiting Bodies [Print]

Author(s): Diana Jean  

Categories: Bisexual   Contemporary   Gay   Lesbian   Print  

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Caleb, Andrew, Jun, and Piper just want to enjoy college life.

Caleb is an overeager freshman with no self-restraint; his only commitment is to not being committed. Jun is obsessed with astronomy, but more ruthlessly dedicated to pre-med. Despite his lack of social acumen, and the fact he's never been interested in men, Caleb is drawn into his orbit.

Andrew is a quiet artist trying to move past the misery he endured as an outcast gay kid in high school. He finds unexpected camaraderie in his roommate, Caleb, who doesn't care he's gay and is always encouraging him to go beyond his comfort zones. But when Caleb realizes he might not be as straight as he always thought, Andrew realizes his feelings for Caleb might not be as platonic as he thought.

Piper has been dating Lizzy since they were sophomores. Their lives are practically perfect: they have their own place, it's close to campus, and they're hopelessly in love. The only blemish is her mother, who doesn't want Piper moving in with Lizzy after graduation, even though Piper is more than ready to take their relationship to the next level.

It's hard to get anything done amidst a tangle of class, relationships, friendships, and drama, but sometimes the most important lessons learned at college are the ones that don't take place in the classroom.
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Orbiting Bodies contains no explicit content.

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This book was released on Sunday 10 June, 2018.

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