Fairytales Slashed: Volume 8 [Print]

Categories: Fairy Tales   Fantasy   Gay   Lesbian   Pansexual   Poly   Print  

Series: #8 of Fairytales Slashed

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Tam Lin by Kathleen Danielson—Anabiel has only a year left before she must choose a todd to become her husband, a fate she prefers to avoid, as no men in the village interest her enough to become their vixen. Then she wanders into the forest and encounters the mysterious Tamlin, enslaved by the faerie queen unless his true love can save him...

Honor in Mercy by Mercedes Vox—Noctua Audax is a champion gladiator in an outskirt city of Ancient Rome, forced by his ambitious lanista to battle a lion on the sands of the arena to show up a rival. But the lion, Atlas, is no ordinary beast...

The Fox-Bride by Lotus Oakes—Shortly after her brother falls ill, Qiu Yue rescues a fox from a neighbor's trap. In return for her kindness, the fox offers a way to obtain the money she needs for her brother's medicine: the local magistrate is looking for a bride, and the fox knows just how to pass his tests.

Riding Red by Charles Payseur—Big and Red are conmen and lovers a bit down on their luck when they learn of an easy mark: a rich old woman who lives alone in the woods. Hoping to ingratiate themselves by pretending Red is her long lost granddaughter, they set out, even if Red is a bit hesitant about the cross-dressing. Things get complicated, though, when it turns out they aren't the only ones running a scam...

The Nixie in the Well by TS Porter—When Ida falls down the well after a dropped spindle, she ends up in Elfreda the nixie's lands. She wants desperately to go home at first, but the longer Ida stays with Elfreda, the more she likes Elfreda and her magical land...

The Sky Hunter and the Princess by Althea Claire Duffy—Princess Tekele has always longed to fly, but she's entertaining dreadful suitors instead. When bandits force Neneya the hunter to help them kidnap the princess, Neneya's willing to play along until she can turn on them—but when Tekele's latest suitor tries to play hero, things don't go as anyone planned.

The Last Petal on the Rose by Stephanie Rabig—Born sickly and weak, Prince Janos will never have the physical prowess of his older brothers; will never get to prove himself in battle. When a valuable prisoner of war is paraded through the city, he's horrified, though the prisoner is said to be more beast than man. Curious, Janos gifts the prisoner a single rose, a gesture that has more consequences than he could possibly imagine.

Sleeping Betty by Kodi Marshall—Watching over the sleeping princess is the worst job in the palace, and Meg is bored out of her skull. So bored that she reads through the old books she finds—books full of notes left by the princess herself, revealing a woman far different than Meg always imagined of the beautiful woman doomed never to wake.
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Fairytales Slashed: Volume 8 contains some explicit content. The story Tam Lin alludes to off-screen rape and includes implied incest and rape threats. The story Honor in Mercy includes mentions of past non-consensual sex. The story The Sky Hunter and the Princess includes scenes of graphic violence.

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This book was released on Thursday 13 July, 2017.