Breaking the Shackles [Ebook]

Author(s): Mell Eight  

Categories: Fantasy   Gay  

Series: #2 of The Dragon's Hoard

9781684310777  ♦   $2.99  Sale: $2.39 (Save 20%)  ♦   28,000 words  ♦   3 reward points

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Separated and abused by the magi, twins Laine and Baine each swore to do whatever it took to break free and save the other. But when Baine arrives at the werewolf village prepared to rescue Laine and return home triumphant, he soon learns that any plan involving a dragon and a werewolf is bound to go awry.
Content notes (possible spoilers). Click here to toggle view.
Breaking the Shackles contains no explicit content. This title was previously published with Less Than Three Press in October 2012.

Excerpt: Breaking the Shackles  Author: Mell Eight  Artist: Kirby Crow  Audiobook version

This book was released on Wednesday 12 July, 2017.