Unfinished Business [Print]

Categories: Bisexual   Gay   Lesbian   Paranormal   Print   Urban Fantasy  

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REBORN by Carlo Angelo—Several days ago Ilya confessed his feelings to Ridley, and since then matters between the two men have been strained. With Ridley sick and their case about disappearing men still unsolved, Ilya is almost relieved to take on an easy case of dispelling a rogue at the Netherworld estate. But the more of the estate he sees, the more he realizes the easy case might just leave him dead.

YOU MAY NOW KISS THE (CORPSE) BRIDE by Stephanie Rabig—Nora is at her wit's end. She died several months ago, and knows she should move on, but can't get thoughts of her husband out of her mind. Though ghosts technically aren't allowed to contact the living, she finds a Private Investigator, Sanaa, who's willing to bend the rules for her. Sanaa's willing to help, but she has shadows in her past, including a vengeful former client. Just because she's dead doesn't mean she won't need her .38.

THE THRILL OF THE CASE by Cassandra Pierce—At first, Geordie thinks his case will be run-of-the-mill: an aging millionaire wants him to tail his sexy young boytoy to see if he's been cheating. Expecting to be bored even more than on most surveillance missions, Geordie follows his target to a private nightclub and manages to slip inside. What he finds turns his whole world upside down. But he's got a job to do, even if it's not nearly as routine as he'd anticipated, and being discovered as a detective will get him killed fast. The attraction to the club's owner isn't helping matters.

GODFREY AND THE DETECTIVE by Megan Derr—Godfrey makes a point to live a quiet, unassuming life—'mostly because vampires are a lot less likely to get dead that way. Finding a dead body in his yard is very much the last thing he wanted, though he can't be entirely upset about the hot, scruffy detective assigned the case. The problem with humans, however, is that they don't know when to quit...
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Unfinished Business contains some explicit content.

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This book was released on Wednesday 19 October, 2016.