How Not to Summon Your True Love [Ebook]

Author(s): Sasha L. Miller  

Categories: Asexual   Panromantic   Solitary Travelers   Urban Fantasy  

9781620047279  ♦   $3.99  ♦   36,000 words  ♦   4 reward points

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Though it doesn't really come as a surprise, Cy is still crushed when he's dumped. His relationship with Alex had lasted longer than all previous attempts, and started promising when Alex had proclaimed he was perfectly okay with Cy being asexual.

On impulse, convinced no one will ever really see him as worthy relationship material, Cy turns to a book that belonged to his late mother, a grimoire of magic spells that obviously won't work. It's a stupid idea, and even if magic was real there's no way a true love summoning spell would work for him...
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How Not to Summon Your True Love contains no explicit content.

Excerpt: How Not to Summon Your True Love  Author: Sasha L. Miller  Cover Artist: Meg Daunting  Buy the paperback!

This book was released on Wednesday 16 March, 2016.