Keeping It Together [Ebook]

Author(s): S. A. Winters  

Categories: Bisexual   Contemporary   Lesbian  

9781684313914  ♦   $3.99  ♦   32,000 words  ♦   4 reward points

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Sian should be tucked in bed when she meets Alisha Hart—beautiful, talented, and the star of a band that's on its way up. Alisha doesn't have to worry about curfews or homework or overprotective parents; in fact, she doesn't seem to care about rules at all. She makes her own, and lives life her way—something Sian can only dream of, and which draws her helplessly to Alisha. But love is complicated, and if there's such a thing as fate, it seems dead set against them.
Content notes (possible spoilers). Click here to toggle view.
Keeping It Together contains no explicit content. This story was previously published in LT3's Rocking Hard: Volume 3 anthology

Excerpt: An Extended Family  Author: S.A. Winters  Artist: Aisha Akeju 

This book was released on Wednesday 28 November, 2018.