The Gift of Your Love [Ebook]

Author(s): Ennis Bashe  

Categories: Fantasy   Lesbian   Urban Fantasy  

9781684313006  ♦   $2.99  ♦   22,000 words  ♦   3 reward points

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Neely has always been able to see things—the details others miss, flashes of color that tell her how people feel, and more. She's been called everything from witch to psychic to freak. But a lifetime of seeing what the rest of the world misses still didn't prepare her for being taken hostage mid-escape by a man with tentacles.

And it definitely didn't prepare her for the intriguing woman who comes to her rescue.

Forester travels the world with her family catching superpowered criminals, but beneath the hero the world sees is a woman in constant fear of hurting civilians with her abilities. However lonely she gets, it's better than accidentally hurting someone—or worse. But pushing everyone away becomes far more difficult when she crosses paths with Neely—sweet, brilliant, and sorely in need of Forester's help.
Content notes (possible spoilers). Click here to toggle view.
The Gift of Your Love contains no explicit content and contains detailed descriptions of OCD, panic attacks, and discussions of suicide.

Excerpt: The Gift of Your Love  Author: Ennis Bashe  Artist: Tiferet Design

This book was released on Wednesday 16 May, 2018.