Leigh & Kirby (and the End of Everything Else) [Ebook]

Author(s): Brandon L. Summers  

Categories: Lesbian   Sci-fi   Urban Fantasy  

9781684311309  ♦   $5.99  ♦   51,000 words  ♦   6 reward points

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When her girlfriend of four years asks Kirby to go away with her on their first adult vacation, Kirby eagerly agrees. It's the perfect bridge between the high school life they just finished, and the lucrative jobs awaiting them—and the perfect cover to gather the pieces she needs for a machine that will stop the end of the world.

But her world-saving goal is a long-kept secret, and secrets don't combine well with love and life—especially when danger is added to the mix.
Content notes (possible spoilers). Click here to toggle view.
Leigh & Kirby (and the End of Everything Else) contains no explicit content.

Excerpt: Leigh & Kirby (and the End of Everything Else)  Author: Brandon L. Summers  Artist: Aisha Akeju  Buy the paperback!

This book was released on Wednesday 20 December, 2017.