If a Butterfly Don't Fly [Ebook]

Author(s): Mell Eight  

Categories: Fantasy   Gay   Paranormal  

Series: #2 of Out of Underhill

9781684313167  ♦   $4.99  ♦   40,000 words  ♦   5 reward points

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Merridy has always loved music, but can't sing. The only job in the music business he can get is as a security guard for The Bard and Sons, a premier record label. He keeps their secrets and patrols their hallways, always secretly wishing for a big break he knows will never come.

Changeling's Court is a brand new band struggling to cut their first single and record. Merridy chances upon a scrap of their lyrics without accompanying music notes and can't help composing a simple ballad for them. If he's found out he'll probably get fired.

Instead, he finds himself in a strange new world of magic and faeries—and danger.
Content notes (possible spoilers). Click here to toggle view.
If a Butterfly Don't Fly contains no explicit content.

Excerpt: If a Butterfly Don't Fly  Author: Mell Eight  Artist: Natasha Snow  Buy the paperback!

This book was released on Wednesday 13 March, 2019.