Wolf in League [Ebook]

Author(s): A.F. Henley  

Categories: Gay   Paranormal   Urban Fantasy  

Series: #3 of Wolf

9781620048771  ♦   $6.99  ♦   70,000 words  ♦   7 reward points

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It's been months since anyone at the Committee has had any contact from the O'Connell family or their pack members, and they are not happy. Suspicious of the activities that took place in D.C. and determined to find out what the wolves are up to, the Committee recruits one of their newest residents, Doctor Matthew Dietrich, to play the part of neighbor and infiltrate the family.

Matthew has always been a keep-to-himself kind of person. Though idealistic and optimistic, he prefers to work in solitude, at night, while he researches the findings that he hopes will one day change the world. When he's approached by the executives of the Center, he has no idea why they'd choose him. And to say he is skeptical over the concept of men that can shift into wolves would be an understatement. Until he meets his new partner, the man that will play the part of his "husband" in the Committee's scheme, Doctor Gavin Strauss.
Content notes (possible spoilers). Click here to toggle view.
Wolf in League contains some explicit content and scenes of graphic violence.

Excerpt: Wolf in League  Author: A.F. Henley  Artist: Raphael  Buy the paperback!

This book was released on Wednesday 12 October, 2016.