The Luxury of Vengeance [Ebook]

Author(s): Isabella Carter  

Categories: Fantasy   Free Read   Gay  

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Take no prisoner. Show no mercy. Trust no soul. And vengeance shall be yours...

Prince Chien is determined to claim his birthright—the Throne of a Thousand Swords—denied by his wicked aunt, Empress Mai. He has successfully turned her two equally wicked sons, Prince Minh and Prince Tuan, into dueling each other for the throne. Hiding a vial of EverBloody, Prince Chien attempts to poison their foods at the banquet. No matter who win the duel tomorrow, both wicked princes will die.

One cut to the skin, and blood will flow relentless. Prince Chien will make his aunt suffer every second in watching her beloved sons die a slow, painful death. Afterward, he will take her head and the crown that sits upon it. Only then will he have successfully eliminated all the traitors who helped kill his mother and his younger sister in the palace coup thirteen years ago.

Only one person stands in his way—General Bao. Prince Chien has skirted around court intrigues, planned successful assassinations, and demurred himself as a dunce prince. But love is the one thing Prince Chien never thought he would had to face. Whoever said that those who embark on a journey of revenge should dig two graves was not wise enough to realize love could do exactly the same thing.
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The Luxury of Vengeance contains no explicit content. This story was written for the Love is Always Write event at the M/M Romance Group on GoodReads.

Excerpt: The Luxury of Vengeance  Author: Isabella Carter  Artist: Isabella Carter

This book was released on Tuesday 01 May, 2012.