Happiness in Numbers [Ebook]

Categories: Anthologies   Asexual   Biromantic   Bisexual   Contemporary   Demisexual   Fairy Tales   Fantasy   Gay   Genderqueer   Non-binary   Panromantic   Pansexual   Paranormal   Poly   Sci-fi   Urban Fantasy  

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Edited by Nicole Field

If Wishes Were Fishes by Meredith Katz—After fighting off evil spirits, unwilling psychic Keith would love to take his time and enjoy dating Lucas, the ghost attached to him, and Hiraeth, the deer-like Other he met not long after being dragged into the world of the paranormal. But when Hiraeth's son shows up asking for help with a curse, Keith's got a lot more to deal with than just finding time for a date!

Heart and Parcel by Aveline Reynard—Lucie is used to hiding the fact she's a witch, but she wasn't expecting to find out her girlfriend is also keeping a secret—that she's the crown princess. Invited to meet Suri's parents, Lucie instead finds herself helping Suri's bodyguard-slash-lover in unravelling an attempted political coup that threatens more than meet-the-parents night.

The Fifth Wheel by N.R. Dunham—When Rebecca is hired to tutor the son of a young couple, she expects it to be like any other job. Instead, she finds herself growing far too attached to the family, and deeply curious about their relationship with the women next door.

Sundown, Holiday, Beacon by K.L. Noone—Superheroes (and one reformed supervillain) in love! The aftermath of a melodramatic battle! Lasagna and secret-base home-improvement projects! And a promise to come home to each other's arms, despite villains and thunderstorms and secret missions, forever...

Shoots in the Trellis by Olivia Sitter—In the dead of night, Helva and xer companions are forced to break camp and run for their lives, or risk capture by the soldiers they've been evading. But though they manage to escape, it's only to find themselves across the border in a country that does not welcome them with open arms, and opens wounds new and old within the group. If they're going to survive soldiers, bandits, prejudice, and worse, they're going to have to learn to believe in each other—fast.

The Consort by Annabelle Kitch—After defeating a dragon and returning triumphantly to rescue her love, Princess Trina, from a wretched engagement, Pidge hoped to live happily ever after. But it's not so easy for a commoner to adapt to royal life, especially when the princess must take a male consort to produce an heir. Overwhelmed and outnumbered, Pidge flees to a life on the road—but neither prince nor princess plan to let her go so easily.

Ten Days of Harmony by Meyari McFarland—In need of crucial components for a major ritual, Giang is referred to Deidre MacClellan's land, 100 acres of undisturbed forest that should be perfect for Giana's needs. Along the way to getting permission, however, Giang finds xyrself being seduced by Deidre and her fire-mage husband, as well as the fairy dragon living on their land...

The Easy Choice by Robin Tennant—Forced to accompany his father and a group of ambassadors to a planet that has little cause to tolerate them, Jacob wants only for the trip to be over. But a simple, if tense, trip turns massively complicated when he uncovers deceit from within, and two Juek people he doesn't want to bid goodbye.

Content notes (possible spoilers). Click here to toggle view.
Happiness in Numbers contains some explicit content. The story Shoots in the Trellis includes scenes of graphic violence.

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This book was released on Wednesday 06 February, 2019.