The Reflections of Zantir Xanderfell [Ebook]

Author(s): Jack Harvey  

Categories: Bisexual   Fantasy   Lesbian   Poly  

Series: Memoirs of the Fated

9781684313204  ♦   $1.99  ♦   18,000 words  ♦   2 reward points

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As Lord Protector of Icon, Zantir bears heavy responsibilities, but she's come a long way from her time as a ruthless mercenary.

But when an old acquaintance reappears, she learns the past can never truly be escaped, redemption is not so easily bought, nor love so easily courted...
Content notes (possible spoilers). Click here to toggle view.
The Reflections of Zantir Xanderfell contains no explicit content and scenes of violence.

Excerpt: Reflections of Zantir Xanderfell  Author: Jack Harvey  Artist: V. Rios  Buy the paperback!

This book was released on Wednesday 25 July, 2018.