Storm Driven [Print]

Author(s): Ana Reese  

Categories: Fantasy   Gay   Print   Urban Fantasy  

9781620045718  ♦   Starting at: $12.99  Sale: $10.39 (Save 20%)  ♦   50,000 words  ♦   13 reward points

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Two years ago Shilo's life was great. Good job, loving husband, great house, and nothing major to worry about. Then his husband vanished without a trace. He still has the job and the house, but no idea why his husband left without even writing a note.

Days before the two year mark of his husband's disappearance, he's nearly killed when his house blows up. Before he can make sense of any of it, Shilo is swept up in a deadly stand-off between two powerful factions of the preternatural world he has always ignored—and his husband right in the middle of it.

Content notes (possible spoilers). Click here to toggle view.
Storm Driven contains some explicit content.

Excerpt: Storm Driven  Author: Ana Reese  Artist: London Burden  Buy the ebook!

This book was released on Wednesday 17 June, 2015.