Falling for Forever [Print]

Author(s): Caitlin Ricci  

Categories: Fantasy   Lesbian   Print  

9781620043677  ♦   Starting at: $11.99  Sale: $9.59 (Save 20%)  ♦   54,000 words  ♦   12 reward points

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On a trip to visit an acquaintance, Mariah discovers he is keeping a Strytas in chains. Innocent, beautiful, and said to bring good luck and fortune to those capable of holding them, she never thought to encounter one being subjected to such cruelty.

Determined to free the enslaved woman, Mariah persuades her acquaintance to sell her. But once free, the Strytas reveals that she has no home, no family, nowhere at all to go. The more time passes, the more reluctant Mariah is to ever see her go...
Content notes (possible spoilers). Click here to toggle view.
Falling For Forever contains some explicit content and references to past abuse.

Excerpt: Falling for Forever  Author: Caitlin Ricci  Artist: Aisha Akeju  Buy the ebook!

This book was released on Wednesday 01 January, 2014.

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