Split City Waltz [Ebook]

Author(s): Ada Redmond  

Categories: Asexual   Homoromantic   Pansexual   Sci-fi  

Series: #1 of Morgan Investigations

9781620048566  ♦   $1.99  ♦   15,000 words  ♦   2 reward points

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The London of tomorrow is a city under strain, its people divided by the very technology meant to bring them closer together. At surface level, the capital is a bright, neon lit metropolis. But in the tunnels of the former underground network, an older way of life persists—one where people aren't constantly monitored by artificial implants.

A life-saving surgery has left Allyn Morgan feeling more machine that human, and struggling with a new career as a private investigator, her reputation damaged by the events that got her fired from her job as a security chief. So when a former lover stops by asking for a favor, she agrees to take the job on the promise of an easy paycheck.

But when night rolls around and Allyn finds herself accused of industrial espionage, an under city hacker named Terminal may be the only person who can help her clear her name...
Content notes (possible spoilers). Click here to toggle view.
Split City Waltz contains no explicit content, and contains brief scenes of violence and references to self-harm.

Excerpt: Split City Waltz  Author: Ada Redmond  Cover Artist: Aisha Akeju 

This book was released on Wednesday 21 September, 2016.