The Troubadour and the Prince [Ebook]

Author(s): E.S. Wyverne  

Categories: Bisexual   Fairy Tales   Fantasy   Gay  

9781684314843  ♦   $2.99  ♦   28,000 words  ♦   3 reward points

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Prince Amaury is rude, spoiled, and shallow. When he viciously spurns Lady Rozenn, his father declares he's had enough and vows to marry him to a beggar. The next day Yann, a traveling troubadour, arrives at the front gates—and the king is made to keep his vow.

Amaury soon finds himself living as a peasant, working as a servant in the home of the woman he spurned—and coming to care for his strange, mercurial husband. But Yann also seems to have endless secrets, and their marriage—and love—may not survive their revelations.
Content notes (possible spoilers). Click here to toggle view.
The Troubadour and the Prince contains some explicit content and homophobic comments.

Excerpt: The Troubadour and the Prince  Author: E.S. Wyverne  Artist: Jayel G.

This book was released on Wednesday 01 May, 2019.