Being Cosmopolitan Demands a Sacrifice [Ebook]

Author(s): Jamie Brindle  

Categories: Bisexual   Fantasy   Gay   Trans  

9781620045930  ♦   $1.99  ♦   10,000 words  ♦   2 reward points

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On holiday in a strange and shockingly repressed kingdom, Alex finds herself sacrificed to the local sea monster in honor of the prince ascending the throne. This was not mentioned in the brochure.

The sea monster, however, is less interested in devouring Alex than he is in what everyone will think if they find out he's hopelessly in love with another monster. Add in a cat too smart for anyone's good, and Alex is ready to swear off holidays forever.

All she wants to do is escape, but if she's going to manage that she's first going to have to deal with lovesick monsters and updating an old-fashioned kingdom with some modern thinking...
Content notes (possible spoilers). Click here to toggle view.
Being Cosmopolitan Demands a Sacrifice contains some explicit content.

Excerpt: Being Cosmopolitan Demands a Sacrifice  Author: Jamie Brinde  Artist: London Burden

This book was released on Wednesday 19 August, 2015.